Overview of the Program

Software Development is one of the best and highest-paying career pathways of the current century. Almost every business relies on technology and Software Developers and Engineers are at the fore front of building these technologies. Whether it is the frontend of a website/application (user interface) or the backend functionality and databases, a developer is needed to actualise such tasks.

In this bootcamp, you will learn Software Development with JavaScript and Python. By the end of the program, you should be able to build the frontend of web application with JavaScript and React as well as build the backend architecture with Python and the Django framework.

3 weeks

Frontend Dev Foundations

For students looking to learn Software Dev foundations only and kickstart their learning or vet if this is the pathway for them. [FREE]

  • Ideal for absolute beginners
  • Focused on frontend web design
  • Zindua certificate on completion

25 weeks

Software Dev Core

Learn everything from the foundations to the advanced concepts and set yourself up for all possible careers in Software Dev.

  • Software Dev Foundations is a prerequisite
  • Covers all core skills for a job in the industry
  • AWS Developer Industry Certification

The Software Dev Curriculum

Curated from our in-depth research of the most on-demand skills in the job market, our curriculum is broken down into 5-week-long modules with the first module offered as a free prerequisite to the core program:

Frontend Dev Foundations [FREE, Pre-Bootcamp]

Learn HTML5 for web content structuring and CSS3 for styling. Learn responsive design, Bootstrap, Tailwind, and Figma UI design.

JavaScript Programming

Learn the basics of JavaScript, data types, JS for frontend dev, object-oriented programming, APIs, and test-driven development

React Frontend Dev

Learn frontend development with the React frontend library. Learn Redux state management, static deployment, and API integrations

Python Programming

Learn the basics of python, data types, web scraping, object-oriented programming, APIs, and test-driven development

Django Backend Dev

Learn backend development using the Django Python framework. Learn how to work with databases and how to build CRUD applications.

Systems Engineering

Learn how to build and maintain high performance applications. Learn how to optimise client, server, and database interactions.

Join the FREE Foundations Course

Program Structure

This program is part-time and predominantly virtual with in-person sessions on Saturdays. Ideal for anyone looking to upskill into tech regardless of their current engagements, location, or previous educational background. Here is how it works:

  • Curated Online Content: Access course content on our learning management system and learn remotely.
  • One-on-one Technical Support: Get assigned a technical mentor to work with you on your journey.
  • Weekend Workshops: Physical classes on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm guided by technical mentors.
  • Project-based Learning: Work on daily challenges, weekly projects and capstones and reinforce skills.
  • Professional Development: Enrichment programs in career development and tech masterclasses.
  • Job Placement Support: While a job is not a guarantee, we help you land a tech job on graduation.
  • Certification: Graduates take Microsoft Azure Data Science Associate or AWS Developer certifications.

Financing Options

We offer the best financing plans to fit students from all economic backgrounds. We also have a 50% money-back guarantee for students if you do not get a job within 12 months of program completion.


Upfront Tuition

Pay for the program in full on enrolment. 20% cheaper than flexible payments.

KSH25k instalments

Flexible Payments

Pay in 5 instalments for every 5-week module in our 25-week core program (5 modules).

DEFER50% into an


Pay 50% of the program upfront or instalments. Defer the rest into an income-share.

Admissions Process

Our admissions process is straightforward and runs concurrently as a student takes the FREE Foundations course:

  • Initial Program Application: Fill in your personal details and detail your program and financing choice.
  • Free Foundational Course: Start learning the foundations as we process/advance your application.
  • Enrolment Confirmation: Choose your start date, final financing plan, and pay your enrolment deposit.
  • Complete Free Course: Students have to complete the foundations before starting the core program.
  • Program Orientation: One-week before start you we’ll the onboarding process with an orientation call.