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Transformative tech education at favourable prices for all.

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Learn to code by join our coding programs in Data Science and Software Dev

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Hire our graduates and get tech talent to push you company forward faster

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Grow your skills through our technical masterclasses or join the Zindua team

LaunchZindua Your Career in Technology

Zindua School is a coding school that offers virtual part-time programs in Data Science and Software Development to students in emerging economies. Zindua is categorically known for its one-on-one technical mentorship model where students are given personalised support by experts throughout the program.

Our financing options allow students to defer 50% of their tuition through income-share agreements. Students paying upfront also have a 50% money-back guarantee if they do not get a job in 12 months on graduation.

Outputting innovative technical talent

For Companies/Employers: You can partner with Zindua to offer internships to budding tech talent, offer real-world projects to engage students and reduce your developers’ workload, and most importantly hire high-achieving graduates who are looking to start their tech careers. Contact us for more info.

For Professionals: As Zindua seeks to grow its reach across Africa, we are in constant search for technical mentors (Data Science and Software Development) and business/marketing professionals. Work with us today.

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