Coding for High School Graduates

Unlock Your Future in Tech. Learn Software Engineering at Zindua!

Supercharge your career from day one. Don’t settle for outdated computer packages. Embrace the future of technology – learn Software Development today!

Bonaventure Ogeto, technical mentor for the coding for high school graduates class at Zindua School

Why Learn Software Engineering

Why waste time on computer packages when you can dive into the world of Software Development? Here’s why it’s the smarter choice:

Stand Out Early

Forget ICDL certificates; they’re relics of the past. Start learning a skill that puts you ahead of the curve.

Practical & Applicable

Using a computer is like writing/reading – you don’t need a certificate. Learn to code – a practical and certifiable skill.

Career Opportunities

Channel your energy into a tech skill that opens doors. You might land a tech job before you even finish your degree.

Embark on our coding for high school graduates program

Get ready to explore the exciting world of Software Development. Our comprehensive program is full-time (35 hours per week), hybrid (2 days in-person & 2 days online per week) and runs for 4 months. Here is what it covers:

Craft visually stunning and responsive web pages. Grasp the fundamentals of web development, giving you a solid foundation for creating engaging online experiences.

Harness JavaScript’s power to infuse interactivity and dynamism into your websites, creating immersive and user-friendly online environments.

Dive into React, the industry-preferred library for constructing dynamic and streamlined user interfaces that elevate your web development skills.

Conquer Python, a versatile and widely-used language, unlocking a world of possibilities for backend web application development.

Engineer robust and scalable web applications using Django, a powerful and efficient Python framework that propels your backend development expertise to new heights.

Acquire valuable insights into crafting scalable and efficient software systems, essential knowledge for architecting high-performance applications.

Ready to Transform Your Future?

Apply now and kickstart your journey into Software Development.

Why Choose Zindua School

We’re committed to your success. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Project-based learning: Learn by doing, not just theory. You’ll have a challenge daily, a project weekly, and a capstone monthly.
  • Personalised Learning: Tailored to your pace and style. 7-to-1 student to instructor ratio to focused technical support.
  • Global Certification: Programs are anchored on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure certifications – recognised worldwide

Comprehensive and challenging curriculum. Always available instructors

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I had an incredible experience at this coding school! The curriculum was comprehensive and challenging, yet the instructors were always available to offer guidance and support. The community of students and alumni were incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I felt like I was part of a larger network of motivated learners. Overall, I feel confident and equipped to pursue a career in tech thanks to this school’s top-notch education and resources.
Bjay Mburu
Graduate, Class of 2023