Financing options that can’t be matched, pay only what you can afford

Defer up to 50% of your tuition fees into an income-share agreement, allowing you to learn now, and pay once you are earning or pay in 5-week instalments rather than fully upfront.

Available Financing Options

We believe in flexible payments, that is why we have the best financing options for coding school students in Africa. Choose what works for you.

About Income-Share Agreements

Zindua School works with Chaptr Global to avail and offer income-share agreements to students who cannot afford the program. An income-share agreement allows you to only pay 50% of the program and pay the rest once you are earning. Note that an ISA is not a LOAN and payments are based on one’s income; if you are earning nothing, you pay nothing.

Through our ISA, you will only have to pay Ksh 12,500 per 5-week module instead of Ksh 25,000. If you want pay upfront instead, the total upfront fees will be Ksh 50,000 instead of Ksh 100,000 for 25-week programs (Data Science and Software Dev). In short, you only pay for 50% of the program if on an ISA contract.

Once you graduate and are earning, you will pay 10% (Income-share rate) of your gross monthly income for 18 months if your program is 25 weeks (Data Science and Software Dev Core). Students will have the option to pay-off their income-share contract during any time of their contract if they’d like to complete the repayment term earlier.

Salary Floor: If you are earning below Ksh 20,000 per month, you pay nothing towards your income-share agreement on that month. This is to protect low-income earners who are on a tight monthly budget. Payment Cap: If you are high earner, you will NOT pay more than 2 times the tuition investment you receive from us. Thus, the cumulative payment cap is Ksh 125,000 for 25-week programs. Minimum Amount Payable: If you do not get a job or you consistently earn below the salary floor (Ksh 25,000 month) throughout the duration of your ISA contract, you pay nothing i.e. Ksh 0.

This financing plan is only open to learners who are in their final year of university or have a diploma or Bachelor’s Degree already. To get accepted into the contract, you will have to submit your official identification details, go through a credit vetting process, and fully sign an income-share contract through Chaptr Global. Note that there will be sessions on ISAs run by Chaptr Global to educate anyone interested in an ISA.

50% Money-Back Guarantee

Graduates are entitled to 50% money-back guarantee if they do not get a job within 12 months of graduation. This does not apply to learners in income-share agreements who already pay nothing if they are not earning. Our incentive is to offer nothing but quality.

  • Graduates will be required to show active job applications at least 5 monthly. We’ll support you as much as we can in your job quest
  • If enrolled in a full-time educational program, the guarantee countdown is paused up until completion of the educational program
  • The guarantee window is 6 months if one sits and passes the official certification exam by Microsoft, Google or AWS on graduation
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Calculate Your Expected Payments

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Note that an income share agreement is not a loan. If you do NOT get a job, you will PAY NOTHING; your ISA payment is a percentage of your monthly income. In case you get a high paying job, we have capped the cumulative payments at the stipulated ISA payment cap.

DISCLAIMER: The total payments of an ISA could be higher than that of a loan/upfront fee to account for the risk taken by us. This is because ISAs are not debt and you pay nothing if you are not employed or if earning below Ksh 24,000 (monthly salary floor).