Learn on-demand tech skills in less than 3 months. Explore our short courses and 30-day challenges

From KES 2,000/=, you can gain an on-demand tech skill and differentiate yourself in the workspace or advanced your career pathways. All this in just a month or two.

Explore our 10-week courses

These are short but quite advanced courses for both already established techies and tech newbies.

Product Management

10-week program for aspiring product leaders. Program is ideal for techies and non-techies and costs KES 15,000 only.

Data Structures & Algorithms

10-week program for advanced developers looking to beat the technical interview or simply build efficient code for scale for KES 5,000 only.

Discover our 30-day challenges

For the price of a burger/pizza, you can learn an on-demand tech skill in just days.

Data Analysis (SQL Databases & Power BI Visualisation)

KES 2,500/= | 2,000/= Students | 20% OFF Early Bird

Learn how to work with databases as well as data visualisation with BI tools. Here is what is covered:

  • SQL Programming
  • Relational Database Design
  • Microsoft Power BI Visualisation

Web Design (HTML-CSS & Figma User Interface Design)

KES 1,500/= | 1,250/= Students | 20% OFF Early Bird

Learn how to design user interfaces (UI) and how to build static websites. Here is what is covered:

  • HTML Web Structure
  • CSS for Website Styling
  • Figma User Interface Design

Free foundational courses

Not sure about where to start? Try our free courses and start learning the basics.

SQL Database Foundations

Ideal for learners thinking of a Data Science career. Learn SQL programming and relational database design in 2-3 weeks.

HTML-CSS Web Foundations

Ideal for learners thinking of a Software Dev career. Learn how to build and style websites with HTML and CSS in 2-3 weeks.