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11 Best Coding Schools in Kenya in 2023

Coding schools have become extremely popular in Kenya. As more tech companies set up base in Kenya, and more startups and small-medium enterprises prioritise their technology, we should expect a higher demand for tech jobs, and thus even higher popularity for coding schools. However, the biggest questions many beginners have is what coding schools are the best in the country?

In this blog, we’ll explore the 11 best coding schools in Kenya covering courses in web development, mobile app development, data science, cybersecurity, database administration, blockchain and other tech career pathways:

  1. Zindua School
  2. Strathmore iLab
  3. Moringa School
  4. African Leadership Accelerator (ALX)
  5. Codingal (Ideal for Kids)
  6. Ubunifu College
  7. Zalego Academy
  8. eMobilis Technology Institute
  9. Institute of Advanced Technology
  10. Power Learn Project (PLP)
  11. Computer Pride

1) Zindua School

Zindua School is one of, if not, the fastest growing coding schools in the Kenyan market. Zindua offers part-time and/or full-time programs in Data Science and Software Development. They also have technical masterclasses on in-demand emerging technologies/skills such as PowerBI Data Visualisation, Figma User Interface Design, Blockchain for Business, among others. The school is particularly known for its personalised learning approach where students are assigned technical mentors and learn in groups of 2-5 which means more focus on an individual’s growth and progress rather than in typical coding schools where learners are thrown into classes of 30-50 with particular attention offered to learners.

Additionally, Zindua is also known for its learn-now-pay-later financing options where students who have graduated university or are in their final year of university can pay 50% of the fees and pay the rest once they are earning through an income-share agreement. All other students also get a money-back guarantee if they do not get a job 12 months on graduation. These fee options and guarantees are unheard of in the local market but a solid indicator of the school’s focus on employability post graduation. To learn more about the school, you can visit the website and explore the different programs they offer for working-class professionals, university students/graduates and even recent high school graduates.

2) Strathmore iLab

Strathmore iLab offers programs in Data Science and Cybersecurity. This is the only well-known coding bootcamp that runs within a university. However, it is worth noting that these are not typical degree programs by Strathmore University but rather very high quality short-term courses offered by its tech hub, iLab Africa. The greatest benefit of join these programs is the brand value of Strathmore University and the high accord for which employers have for its graduates all across its programs. If you are looking to learn Cybersecurity, this is probably the best program out there. To learn more about their offering, you can visit their website but do note that their intake are quite limited across the calendar year.

3) Moringa School

Moringa is one of the well-known brands in the coding school space in Kenya given their longevity and consistent quality of graduates. The school offers programs in Software Development, Data Science, and they have even launched newer programs in areas such as Product Management and DevOps Engineering. Moringa is a solid bet for any student but you have to be ready to keep up with the intensity of learning. Their programs are backed by Flatiron School and Dalberg Insights. The only stickling point for most learners is the program cost is usually higher than most other institutions though they do offer seasonal scholarships which are worth looking-out for. To learn more about the school, you can visit their website.

4) African Leadership Accelerator (ALX)

ALX is a virtual coding school in Kenya and Africa at large that offers a wide array of coding pathways through partnerships with different global partners such as Holberton School for Software Development programs and Explore AI Academy for Data Science programs. ALX is well known for its brand with the African Leadership Group having previously founded African Leadership Academy and African Leadership University. ALX is rather different from their previous institutions as it targets significant scale of 10,000+ students per year. The only limitation for this is that it comes at the expense of personalised learning or consistent technical mentor support which you’d get more often in most other coding schools.

However, the biggest attracting factor is that almost all students joining the institution receive scholarships and this is the best place to go if you are figuring out whether coding is a career pathway for you and you do not mind having limited technical mentorship. To learn more about the school, you can visit their website.

5) Codingal (Ideal for Kids)

For parents who want to expose their students to coding and programming early, there are very limited options in the local Kenyan market. However, Codingal is a virtual coding school that targets kids and teenagers from ages 5-17. Despite being entirely virtual, students work one-on-one with technical mentors allowing them to have apt guidance and growth into their coding skills.

Teaching kids how to code is not an easy fete and personalisation coupled with content modelled for young learners makes this institution one of the best solution for parents who know the value of exposure children to programming skills early in their development. You can learn more about Codingal by visiting their website. If you are interested in all other options for coding for kids, you can read this elaboarate blog with the top three schools in Kenya.

Other Coding Schools

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I am gradually doing research on all these other coding schools in Kenya and I’ll be dropping an informed description after doing proper due diligence on all these institutions. However, if you want to learn more about the remaining schools, here are the links to their websites:

Next Steps

Are you interested in learning to code? The schools cited above are all good options based on your needs availability and financing. If you want to get started immediately, you can join our FREE foundational courses in Data Science and Software Development and get started with no strings attached. If you enjoy the FREE course, you can apply to our core program at Zindua that offers more support by technical mentors up until you are at a position to apply for careers in tech.

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