Computer Packages Courses in Kenya

Computer Packages Courses In Kenya, Should I Even Do Them?

Computer Packages courses in Kenya have a significant demand among students, professionals, and individuals seeking to gain basic computer literacy. Many people often ponder whether the courses are worth taking. In this article, we will explore the advantages of computer packages courses in Kenya  and help you make an informed decision on whether to enroll

What Are Computer Packages?

Computer packages refer to a set of basic computer skills that are necessary for effective computer use. Some of the skills that one would acquire from taking computer packages courses are typing, using word processing software, creating spreadsheets and performing simple computer maintenance. In today’s job market, students and employees are required to have some of these skills.

Some Of The Computer Packages Courses In Kenya.

  1. Microsoft Office Suite – Includes Word, Excel ,PowerPoint and Access
  2. Internet and Email
  3. Adobe Creative Suite – Includes PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator.
  4. AutoCAD
  5. Tally
  6. QuickBooks
  7. SSPS

These are just a few examples of the computer packages courses offered in Kenya, the courses may vary in terms of duration, content covered, cost and also depending on the institution offering them.

Benefits Of Computer Packages Courses In Kenya.

  1. Enhance Employability

Basic computer skills are crucial in today’s job market. Most employers seek candidates with proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet creation. By taking these courses, you can become a more competitive candidate and boost your employability.

  1. Increase Productivity

Being taught how to use computer software to complete tasks more quickly and efficiently can boost you productivity. For instance, by mastering spreadsheets you can organise data more effectively.

  1. Enhance Communication

Some computer packages also teach you communication skills such as email etiquette. These skills are essential in today’s workplace where communication is primarily done through digital channels.This way you can become more proficient in your job and enhance your professional communication skills

  1. Expand Career Options

The skills offered in many computer packages courses are necessary in many fields, including business, healthcare, education and government. After completion of the courses you will acquire some of the skills needed to work in these fields, broadening your career prospects.

Should I Even Do The Courses?

Well, it depends, if you’re coming from a background with null computer experience and want to gain the fundamental skills, enrolling in a computer packages course is an excellent choice. Also if your job requires you to upskill and take on a computer packages course it would be ideal to pursue them. Computer packages courses are meant to teach you the crucial computer skills you require to use a computer effectively. Additionally the courses are often affordable making them accessible to all.

What Next?

After completion of a computer packages course, it is essential to put your new skills to use. Some of the things you can do to further enhance your computer proficiency include:

  1. Practice: Often practice using the software you’ve learnt during the course to become more proficient in it. 
  2. Attend workshops: Workshops and seminars help you learn new skills and keep up with advancements in technology.

Tackle more advanced courses: Consider taking more advanced courses in specific software or programming languages. If  you’re stuck in this step and need to learn more about software development or learn a new programming language, there are a variety of online schools and bootcamps which will assist you in achieving your dreams. You can start off by enrolling in Zindua School!

In Conclusion

Computer packages courses are highly recommended for anyone seeking to obtain basic computer literacy in Kenya. By pursuing these courses you can enjoy the benefits mentioned and mostly enhance your employability. Therefore if you are wondering whether to enroll in a computer packages course the answer is a resounding yes! Investing your time and money in these courses is worth it, as they can provide you with the skills you require to succeed in today’s digital world.

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