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Why you should learn to code in 2024?

Coding is the next best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread. Oh wait! People could still code before sliced bread, but the growth in computing and tech usage has grown exponentially since the 90s and it is hard to survive today without knowing some code even if it is Morse Code. Let me cut the chase, here are the top 5 reasons why you should learn to code and become a developer this year:

1) Efficiency: As developers, we turn 3-hour tasks into three-day tasks

Just a month ago, I started teaching a class on data structures and algorithms, one of those topics you do not want to miss out on to get that coveted job at Google or Facebook. As is typical with such a class, students attempt a lot of challenges and get stuck a lot. To help them out, I had already done a fair deal of these challenges on Leetcode but for them to access these solutions I had to add these solutions on Github.

Here comes the idea: how can I automatically scrape my solutions from my Leetcode account and automatically add them to a Github repository? Sounds easy, right? Yes, imagine starting your scraping with Python’s Beautiful Soup, realising it doesn’t work; you switch to Selenium and now you have to learn a new a library, by the time the code is properly working you are on your third day with some insane screen times on VSCode. If I just decided to copy-paste those challenges and solutions one by one would have taken me 3-hours tops. But you know what? EFFICIENCY! You might think this is a one-off. Definitely not! Ask your developer friend and you’ll be surprised to hear about all the “efficiency”.

2) Compensation: Lots of stock options from startup founders who can handle the business side

I'll handle the business side meme | Why you should learn to code

What’s the best way to get rich in the 21st century? Stock options! More stock options! And, if you didn’t get it just yet, even more stock options. Dave from reputable business school X approaches you to build the next Uber but for watermelon deliveries. The offer: 0 monthly salary, 10% stock for you to build the full-stack application by yourself and he’ll handle the business side.

I guess Dave and I will be really rich and successful in 5-years time, our application already has 1000 registered users (mostly friends and family members who only used it for the first minute) and ## monthly active users (who tracks this?), but we are raising $1,000,000 at $10,000,000 valuation!

3) Work-Life Balance: You’ll for sure be balancing your eyelids all night trying to find a bug in the codebase of your remote “flexible-working” job

Bug Fixing Meme | Why you should learn to code

Have you ever spent a whole night trying to fix a bug preventing your code from running only realise it was a missing comma? If you haven’t experienced this yet, then becoming a developer will for sure give you that work-life-balance you seek at a remote job with some strict Friday deadlines. Life is about experiences!


From the reasons explored above, we can conclude that learning code has very many advantages and what better way for you to be part of the next big thing – Blockchain, AI, Metaverse, ENTER ALL OTHER BUZZWORDS TO GIVE YOU A FALSE SENSE OF IMPORTANCE.

DISCLAIMER: This blog is a troll and should not be used for serious purposes. If you are a developer and there are any reasons I left out, comment below. Nevertheless, if you are NOT a developer and could not relate to my trolls above, learning to code is actually an empowering endeavour and technical skills are quite essential and at times non-negotiable in the job marketplace today. To get started, Zindua School offers well-structured 25-week core programs as well as 30-Day Challenges tailored for beginners and focused on proper preparation for a career in tech.

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